Getting Your Edge: How to Rightsize your Home and Life.

Take Paws!: How to Help Your Pets Transition to a New Home

November 21, 2023 Judy Gratton and Dennis Day Season 2 Episode 3
Getting Your Edge: How to Rightsize your Home and Life.
Take Paws!: How to Help Your Pets Transition to a New Home
Show Notes

In this heartwarming episode, join Dennis, Judy's, and Wesley as they dive into the world of pet care and discuss valuable insights from Wesley's company, Puget Sound Puppers. Offering a range of dog care services, including behavior consulting, daily walks, and in-home pet sitting, Puget Sound Puppers aims to make the lives of dogs and their owners smoother.

🏠 **Segment 1: Planning Ahead for Paws**
   - Wesley shares wisdom on minimizing stress for dogs during moves or downsizing, shedding light on the importance of careful planning and consideration. 

πŸ• **Segment 2: Stress-Free Moves for Dogs**
   - Explore the potential stressors of moving or selling a house on our four-legged friends. Learn to identify signs of stress and discover strategies to ease the transition at 
🏑 **Segment 3: Helping Dogs Settle In** - The trio shares heartwarming advice on helping a dog adjust to a new home, emphasizing gradual introductions and creating a safe space. T

🚚 **Segment 4: Safety First - Moving with Dogs**
   - Wesley and Judy's discuss the importance of keeping dogs safe during a move, suggesting trusted alternatives. 

🌍 **Segment 5: Tips for Smooth Transitions**
   - Gain practical tips for helping dogs adjust to a new home during a move, from trial runs to consulting professionals. 

πŸš— **Segment 6: Traveling with Dogs - Car vs. Plane**
   - Wesley and Judy's explore the differences between traveling with dogs by car and plane, focusing on the well-being and safety of our furry companions. 

πŸ—ΊοΈ **Segment 7: Planning for Pet Adventures**
   - The trio discusses scenarios involving pets, emphasizing planning, training for recall, and considering the dog's comfort in new environments. 

🌱 **Segment 8: Tailoring Transitions to Dogs**
   - Explore the importance of considering a dog's needs and preferences during transitions, with a focus on gradual introductions and individualized planning. 

🚽 **Segment 9: Potty Training and Territory Marking**
   - Delve into the nuances of potty training during a move, addressing potential issues and sharing expert advice. 

🐢 **Segment 10: Understanding Unique Animal Needs**
   - Judy's, Wesley, and Dennis conclude the episode by discussing the importance of considering the unique needs and behaviors of animals during transitions. 

Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or a new dog parent, this episode is packed with insights to make every transition a tail-wagging success! 🐾 #PetCare #MovingWithPets #DogLovers